Paraiso Floral Resin Kit

Create your very own resin coasters embedded with beautiful pressed flowers to make your space at home feel like a dreamy paradise.


This Likha At Home Kit contains everything you need to learn the basics of Resin Art through this technical but easy project you can do at your own time.


This project takes less than 1 hour to make plus 2 to 3 days curing time. 

Each kit can make 3 to 6 coasters, depending on the mold you choose.

Paraiso Floral Resin Kit

SKU: LAH0001
  • With help from partner artists Likha At Home Kits  are sourced and simplified by our own team to provide the tools, materials and knowledge needed to learn and start your journey into these crafts. A few simple items that you can find in any home might be needed (i.e. used plastic, water, old bowl, etc.) depending on the craft. 

    All crafts are beginner friendly and requires no prior exprience to crafting. Do note that these crafts have been handpicked for adults and can be enjoyed alone or with your friends. 

    Each kit yeilds a specific output, but materials can be used as pleased. Output varies per person.